Angola AO


GMO Gospel Visits 2014


Indicated decisions 2014

22.8 million


17.9 million

4.3 million are evangelical

For detailed information on the Primary and Secondary Cultural Characteristics, go here.

  • Stats for Angola
  • Social Control

  • Cultural Distinctions

  • Top 25 Stats

    Total Evangelicals- 4.3 M (18th); Percent of Country Who Are Evangelicals-18.84% (23rd)
  • Fastest Growing Religion

  • Human Development Index

  • Internet Access

    19.36% (105th)
  • Ethnic Groups

    Ovimbundu (25.5%); Mbundu (22.9%); Kongo (12.9%); Luvale (8.1%); Chokwe (5.0%); Mixed race (1.2%); Khoisan (0.6%).
  • Common Languages

    Portuguese is official, but 41 languages total
  • Economy

    Many natural resources, including oil, diamonds, and farmland.
    War has impoverished many, despite these natural resources.
  • History / Politics

    Angola was a Portuguese colony for 450 years.
    A Marxist coup ended colonial rule in 1975; Civil war followed in which 900,000 died.
    War had occurred off and on for almost 40 years until 2002.
    Parliamentary elections were held in 2008, and infrastructure of the country is being rebuilt.
  • Spirituality

    The church has grown despite Marxist attempts to eradicate it from 1975-2002.
    Evangelicals grew  four-fold from 1990 to 2010.
    Missionaries had a positive influence during the years of misery.
    Missionaries now emphasizing  development and discipleship over aid and evangelism.
    Due to poverty and the destruction of war, few congregations have trained pastors.
    Lack of Biblical understanding allows, witchcraft,  animism, and other false beliefs to thrive.
    Islam grows with its simplistic message and foreign financial support.
  • Prayers

    Pray for continued growth of the evangelical churches and strong discipleship.
    Pray that pastors will be well-trained, and Christians will stay away from animism.
    Pray that Islam is blunted and that Christians continue to show integrity and love.


All of the information on the number of Christians and Evangelicals is from Pray for the World! or Operation World.