Gabon GA


GMO Gospel Visits 2014


Indicated decisions 2014

1.8 million


1.2 million

191,000 are evangelical

For detailed information on the Primary and Secondary Cultural Characteristics, go here.

  • Stats for Gabon
  • Social Control

  • Cultural Distinctions

  • Top 25 Stats

    Gospel Visits to Non-Christians with Internet- 477.21% (16th); Gospel Visits to Non-Evangelicals with Internet- 184.47% (13th); Gospel Decisions to Population- 1.32% (22nd); Gospel Decisions to Non-Evangelicals- 1.48% (19th); Gospel Decisions to Non-Christians with Internet- 46.64% (17th); Gospel Decisions to Non-Evangelicals with Internet- 16.48% (16th).
  • Fastest Growing Religion

    Muslim, Non-Christian
  • Human Development Index

  • Internet Access

    9.85% (125th)
  • Ethnic Groups

    Central-Congo Bantu (51.5%); Northwest Bantu (41.8%); Other African (5.2%, Baka/Pygmy, native people and immigrants from neighboring countries and West Africa).
  • Common Languages

  • Economy

    The economy is based on oil, wood, and minerals, but the nation has to import food.
    There is a moderate level of poverty.
    One of the wealthier countries of Africa, but only a minority benefit.
  • History / Politics

    Independence in 1960 from France; The country is strong with very little corruption.
    Has had a stable, multi-party democracy; Gabon’s president has ruled for four decades.
  • Spirituality

    The country has a majority of Christians, but there is poor evangelism to Muslims.
    Evangelicals have grown from 2.3% of population to 12.7% in 2010.
    Many evangelicals ar committed to evangelism and deepening Christian discipleship.
    Older protestant churches have become liberal and no longer evangelize.
    Spiritist beliefs and practices often are practiced by Catholics, Protestants, and Muslims.
    Spiritist use charms, hallucinogens, ancestral spirit worship, and medicine men.
    Participation can be pressured on Christians or their career paths may be blocked.
    Immigrant Muslim workers in the oil industry may influence the politicians.
  • Prayers

    Pray that the evangelical church will continue to grow and reach out to non-believers.
    Pray that the country remains open to evangelism and discipleship everywhere.
    Pray that the older Protestant churches will come back to their first love.
    Pray that Muslim immigrants will be exposed to the Gospel and come to faith.


All of the information on the number of Christians and Evangelicals is from Pray for the World! or Operation World.