Mexico MX


GMO Gospel Visits 2014


Indicated decisions 2014

125.2 million


105.1 million

9.2 million are evangelical

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  • Stats for Mexico
  • Social Control

  • Cultural Distinctions

    There is a strong belief in high Power Distance in Mexican organizations.
  • Top 25 Stats

    Total Population- 125.2 M (11th); Total Christians- 105.1 M (3rd); Total Evangelicals- 9.2 M (13th); Total Gospel Visits- 5.7 M (16th); Total Gospel Decisions- 439,000 (16th).
  • Fastest Growing Religion

  • Human Development Index

  • Internet Access

    41.13% (80th)
  • Ethnic Groups

    Mexican/Spanish mestizo (65.1%); Euro-American (13.6%); Detribalized Amerindian (9.9%); Amerindian-speaking indigenous (9.4%).
  • Common Languages

  • Economy

    Free market economy with oil, industry, manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture. 
    Armed, well-organized drug cartels control much of the border regions.
    Income distribution is very unequal; About 60% are in poverty in rural areas and city slums.
    The Amerindians are even more impoverished and experiencing political unrest.
    Drug cartels bring in a lot of money into the Mexican economy, but also 500,000 addicts.
    U.S. immigrants send a lot of money home, but fathers are often absent from families.
  • History / Politics

    Independence in 1821 from Spain; One-party democracy until 2000, now two-party.
    Rebels in the south promote Amerindian rights and land needs.
    Corruption in government and police allow drug cartels to flourish and cause other issues.
    Mexico and the U.S. often resent each other, but they need to cooperate to improve problems.
    More than 1 million try to cross into the U.S. every year from Mexico; Rate has slowed recently.
  • Spirituality

    The government has invited churches to help with the human needs.
    Only 10% of Catholics now attend mass, but revivals have restored interest in Christ.
    Government now allows full religious freedom, and evangelicals have thrived.
    Christians mix in pagan activities and may be persecuted if they do not participate.
    Churches are becoming more excited about missionary activity.
    120 New Testament translations into indigenous languages have been completed since 1936.
  • Prayers

    Pray that the government would be more responsive to human needs.
    Pray that the drug business, stimulated by demand in the U.S., would diminish.
    Pray for revival within the Catholic church and continued growth of evangelicals.


All of the information on the number of Christians and Evangelicals is from Pray for the World! or Operation World.