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28.4 million



838,000 are evangelical

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  • Stats for Nepal
  • Social Control

  • Cultural Distinctions

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  • Human Development Index

  • Internet Access

    12.13% (121st)
  • Ethnic Groups

    Caste is often as important as ethnicity in this strongly Hindu culture: South Asian (78%, mainly south and east); Tibetan-Himalayan (21.5%, mainly north and west).
  • Common Languages

  • Economy

    One of the world’s poorest countries; A third of people live below poverty line (more in rural areas).
    About 90% work on subsistence farming; Tourism and hydroelectric potential may develop.
    Hindered by isolation, poor infrastructure, rugged terrain, natural disasters, and instability.
    2.6 million children are child laborers, and 300,000 girls work in sex trade around the world.
    About 90% of the girls who are trafficked return with HIV infection, and AIDS is spreading.
    Poor sanitation contributes to 80% of the diseases, most of which are preventable.
  • History / Politics

    Ancient monarchy ended in 2008 when Nepal became a multiparty democracy.
    Maoist rebels disrupted the country in 1990’s and 2000’s; Maoist politicians took office in 2008.
    Instability continues, and politicians cannot agree on a constitution.
    The law guarantees freedom of religion, but non-Hindus cannot spread their religion.
  • Spirituality

    With the fall of the monarchy, new freedoms and opportunities for ministry are arising.
    Only 29 known Christians in 1952, then 200,000 by 1990, and 850,000 by 2010.
    More leadership training is needed, as the number of Bible-training centers is limited.
    Poverty, poor government, and the caste system contribute to social instability.
  • Prayers

    Pray that church growth continues and that Christians will be well-discipled.
    Pray for better materials and training for pastors and Christian workers.


All of the information on the number of Christians and Evangelicals is from Pray for the World! or Operation World.