South Sudan SS


GMO Gospel Visits 2014


Indicated decisions 2014

12.2 million


7.6 million

3.6 million are evangelical

For detailed information on the Primary and Secondary Cultural Characteristics, go here.

  • Stats for South Sudan
  • Social Control

  • Cultural Distinctions

    Christian south recently split from Islamic north, so may share some Islamic characteristics.
  • Top 25 Stats

    Percentage Decisions to Visits- 13.76% (16th); Top 25 Statistics- Total Evangelicals- 3.6 M (21st); Percent of Country Who Are Evangelicals- 29.63% (5th); Gospel Decisions to Visits- 13.76% (16th).
  • Fastest Growing Religion

    Probably Christian
  • Human Development Index

  • Internet Access

    Unknown %
  • Ethnic Groups

    Nilotic (83.3%, includes Dinka, Nuer); Sudanic (11.4%); Arab (3.9%); Adamawa-Ubangi (1.3%).
  • Common Languages

    English, Arabic, Juba, Dinka
  • Economy

    Oil may help revenue, but Sudan conflict and newness of country (including shortage of roads) hinders development.
    One of the poorest countries in the world; Only 27% can read, and only 8% of women read.
  • History / Politics

    Joint British-Egyptian rule until independence as part of Sudan in 1956.
    Bloody civil war until 2005 agreement which paved the way to independence in 2011. Continues to have conflict inside the country and with Sudan.
    Sudan's north is mainly Arab and Muslim, and South Sudan is mainly black and Christian.
  • Spirituality

    The civil war lasted 21 years, and up to 2 million were killed in the south. 
    Virtually everyone in this newest of countries needs prayer to recover from war’s horrors. 
    Pray that the ethnic issues between Dinka and Nuer improve.
    Christianity grew rapidly in the past 20 years amid the violence; Catholics predominate. 
    Many became Christians out of the old religions and need to be taught Biblical ways.
  • Prayers

    Pray for recovery after the end of the war with Sudan; Pray that further conflict ceases.
    Pray for reconciliation and healing by the many victims of the war.
    Pray for revivals within the Catholic church and other Christian groups.


All of the information on the number of Christians and Evangelicals is from Pray for the World! or Operation World.