South Africa (Black) ZX


GMO Gospel Visits 2014


Indicated decisions 2014

53.5 million


38 million

10.6 million are evangelical

For detailed information on the Primary and Secondary Cultural Characteristics, go here.

  • Stats for South Africa (Black)
  • Social Control

  • Cultural Distinctions

    Shame/fear based (African version); Collectivist group in black South Africans.
    In white South Africa, Power Distance is much higher than in other Anglo-American groups.
    South Africans regard themselves as conservative Christians.
    The churches started to speak up against the apartheid state late, which harmed its witness.
  • Top 25 Stats

    Total Evangelicals- 10.6 M (12th); Percent of Country Who Are Evangelicals- 19.82% (22nd); Gospel Decisions to Visits- 12.87% (22nd).
  • Fastest Growing Religion

  • Human Development Index

  • Internet Access

    46.88% (72nd)
  • Ethnic Groups

    Nguni (46.4%); Sotho-Tswana (24.3%); Whites (8.9%); Colored/Mixed race (8.9%); Asian (2.8%).
  • Common Languages

    English, Afrikaans, and 11 ethnic languages
  • Economy

    This is the wealthiest African nation, with a large industrial base, minerals, and agriculture.
    Despite this, there is high gap between the wealthy and poor, and corruption is an issue.
    Lots of white professionals and farmers are leaving the country.
  • History / Politics

    Apartheid (officially sanctioned separation and discrimination) brought pain and suffering to the black majority, but ended in 1991.
    Free elections occurred in 1994; Mandela was elected and fought to end racial bias.
    Leaders since Mandela have disappointed a lot of people.
  • Spirituality

    Biblical Christianity is solid in South Africa and has had a big impact on the world.
    There are good ministries to AIDS and rape victims, prisoners, and slum dwellers.
    Prayers are still needed for forgiveness and reconciliation associated with apartheid.
    Nation sends out many missionaries, but poverty, AIDS, and crime at home are issues.
    About 5 million immigrants come from the rest of Africa looking for peace and work.
  • Prayers

    Pray for continued growth of the churches and integrity in their witness.
    Pray for continued reconciliation of the pain caused during apartheid.
    Pray evangelicals will show the compassion of the Lord and rebuild their name.


All of the information on the number of Christians and Evangelicals is from Pray for the World! or Operation World.